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RickmansworthVSChess Vale (Vets)
21 Apr 2020 - 14:15

Chess Vale Bowling Club

This Club has a long tradition in Chesham having been founded in 1931 at a site adjacent to Chesham Station. The original green was finally closed in 2000 but it was not until 2005 that we were able to unveil our new green in Asheridge Road. The Club is open to all and welcomes all new members from beginners through to experienced bowlers. There is a wide range of friendly and competitive fixtures throughout the Summer to cater for all preferences. There are also a number of Club Days giving members the opportunity to play in some one-off competitions. We are situated in a very picturesque location just below Captains Wood and our current site offers a substantial amount of off-road parking with an ample clubhouse that incorporates excellent facilities including a bar that is open on match days. The artificial green provides bowling facilities all year round and has been designed to produce a high level of accuracy. This is supported by the fact that it has been used by the England and Jersey bowling teams for training purposes prior to them taking part in International Competitions. It will be similarly used by the Senior England Ladies squad during 2019.

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RickmansworthVSChess Vale (Vets)
21 Apr 2020 - 14:15

Winter  2019

Although the dark nights mean no Open Evenings until next year, WE DO NOT CLOSE thanks to our all-weather playing surface.  Therefore it is still possible for you to come along and have a go at Bowls.

We have decided that Wednesday afternoons will be set aside (weather permitting) for anyone who would like to come along and have a try.

We have a number of qualified coaches who would be happy to give you some guidance.

If you would like further information please speak to Jean Nettleton (785865), Chris Wellsted (772220) or Sheila Clarke (785214)

All are welcome. Just wear casual clothing and a pair of flat-soled shoes or trainers


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Fixtures & Results

Herts Indoor BC 113 VS 45 Chess Vale
Captain 76 VS 97 Vice Captain
Chess Vale 60 VS 43 Wraysbury
Thame 101 VS 72 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 149 VS 60 Flackwell Heath (TCL)
Chess Vale 72 VS 69 Tring
Redbourn 62 VS 40 Chess Vale
Two WoodsVSWinner - C.Wellsted
Chess Vale 45 VS 46 Hazlemere
Chess Vale 53 VS 36 Gerrards Cross (C & TL)
Chess Vale 109 VS 72 Chesham
Glory Mill 39 VS 37 Chess Vale
Cheddington 85 VS 54 Chess Vale
Triples WinnersVSA.Loakes,M.Baker,R.Nettleton
Princes Risborough 76 VS 77 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 74 VS 52 Chalfont St Giles
Chess Vale 78 VS 45 Potten End
Harefield 122 VS 82 Chess Vale (TCL)
Potten End Red 39 VS 26 Chess Vale (Vets)
Chess Vale 55 VS 9 Chesham Pioneers
Wexham 116 VS 82 Chess Vale (TCL)
Chess Vale 18 VS 42 Princes Risborough (VT)
Chess Vale 79/44 VS 28/35 Wendover (C & TL/Fr)
England Senior WomenVS
Berkhamsted 80 VS 61 Chess Vale
Aussie Pairs WinnersVSM.Harding/C.Nash
Chalfont St Giles 129 VS 73 Chess Vale (TCL)
Wycombe Recruits 24 VS 9 Chess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess Vale 36 VS 17 Marlow (VT)
Wendover 46/98 VS 52/29 Chess Vale (C&TL/Fr)
Kitcheners 103 VS 60 Chess Vale
Loudwater 39 VS 50 Chess Vale (C & TL)
Flackwell Heath 95 VS 113 Chess Vale (TCL)
Chess Vale 20 VS 47 High Wycombe (VT)
Chess Vale 50 VS 42 Bovingdon
Chess Vale 122 VS 72 Amersham (TCL)
Chess Vale 93 VS 94 Bassetsbury (TCL)
Chess Vale 67 VS 36 Loudwater (C & TL)
Chess Vale 107 VS 82 Bucks Masonic
Chess Vale 34 VS 29 Chesham (VT)
Chess Vale 114 VS 82 High Wycombe (TCL)
Chess Vale 56 VS 17 Potten End Red (Vets)
Tring 72 VS 79 Chess Vale
Bovingdon 94 VS 56 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 101 VS 91 Chalfont St Giles (TCL)
Chess Vale 80 VS 31 Amersham (C & TL)
Denham Colts 14 VS 15 Chess Vale (Bucks League)
Gerrards Cross 68 VS 41 Chess Vale (C & TL)
Bassetsbury Manor 80 VS 63 Chess Vale (TCL)
Amersham 34 VS 50 Chess Vale (C & TL)
Chess Vale 11 VS 19 Wycombe (League)
Hazlemere 49 VS 30 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 153 VS 78 Wexham (TCL)
Chess Vale 109 VS 76 Harefield (TCL)
Chess Vale 52 VS 38 Glory Mill
High Wycombe 100 VS 79 Chess Vale (TCL)
Wraysbury 60 VS 42 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 141 VS 62 Thame
Amersham 105 VS 95 Chess Vale (TCL)
Ladygate 71 VS 34 Chess Vale
Chess Vale 121 VS 74 Oakley
Chess Vale 19 VS 10 Denham (Bucks League)
Chesham 133 VS 59 Chess Vale
Husband & WifeVSAndy & Pauline Loakes
Gala DayVSWinners - Hazlemere
Potten End 76 VS 95 Chess Vale
Aston Clinton 42 VS 71 Chess Vale
Finals dayVS
Finals dayVS
Chess Vale 86 VS 69 Princes Risborough
Chess Vale 86 VS 76 Bucks VP
Chess Vale 72 VS 76 Cheddington
Chess Vale 69 VS 73 Kitcheners
Chess Vale 110 VS 80 London Welsh
Ladies 89 VS 95 Men
RickmansworthVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSCroxley Red (Vets)
Bovingdon RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSHerts Blue (Vets)
Kings Langley RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSBassetsbury (BC)
Chess ValeVSHigh Wycombe (BC)
Chess ValeVSMill End (Vets)
Chess ValeVSMarlow (BC)
Potten End BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSChesham (Bucks Cup)
Chess ValeVSH.Hempstead (Vets)
Chess ValeVSChesham S (Bucks League)
Abbots LangleyVSChess Vale (Vets)
Bassetsbury BulldogsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSChesham Blue (Vets)
Iver HeathVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Croxley RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSChesham A (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSBovingdon Red (Vets)
Herts BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSKings Langley Red (Vets)
Chesham StiffsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSBassetsbury (B League)
Mill EndVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSIver Heath (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSPotten End Blue (Vets)
Chesham AllsortsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
H.Hempstead BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSAbbots Langley (Vets)
Chesham BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSRickmansworth (Vets)
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