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13 Apr 2019 - 14:30

Chess Vale Bowling Club

Chess Vale Bowling Club is located in an area of Outstanding Natural beauty just off Asheridge road in Chesham. With the trees of Captains Wood to one side and the rolling fields of the nearby Portobello Farm, this site is one of the county’s prettiest locations in which to play bowls. The artificial green provides bowling facilities all year round and Chess Vale was chosen by both the English  and Jersey National teams as a training location for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Chess Vale has also hosted the Channel 4 program-That Paralympic Show in 2013 –when 2 gold medal Para-Olympians took on 2 able bodied  English International players at the sport of Boccia in a sporting challenge. See video of program below. The club offers members a wide range of friendly and competitive fixtures throughout the summer season and coaching and training programs are available to new members just starting in the sport of Lawn Bowls. A  wide range of social activities are also organised throughout the year to augment the sporting side. For more information use the Contact tab at the top of this page for details.

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Winter League – Matchday 17

The match between the top two – Diehards and Rink Outsiders ended all square at thirteen shots apiece.  This enabled Diehards to maintain their eight-point lead at the top of the table.  With only five...
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Fixtures & Results

Herts Indoor BC 113 VS 45 Chess Vale
Chess ValeVSWraysbury
ThameVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSFlackwell Heath (TCL)
Chess ValeVSTring
RedbournVSChess Vale
Two WoodsVSClub Day
Chess ValeVSAbbots Langley (Vets)
Chess ValeVSHazlemere
Chess ValeVSGerrards Cross (C & TL)
Chess ValeVSChesham
Herts BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Glory MillVSChess Vale
CheddingtonVSChess Vale
TriplesVSClub Day
Princes RisboroughVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSKings Langley Red (Vets)
Chess ValeVSChalfont St Giles (Bucks Cup)
Chess ValeVSPotten End
HarefieldVSChess Vale (TCL)
Potten End RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chesham PioneersVSChess Vale
WexhamVSChess Vale (TCL)
Chess ValeVSRickmansworth (Vets)
Chess ValeVSHigh Wycombe (BC)
WendoverVSChess Vale (C&TL/Fr)
England Senior WomenVS
Chesham BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
BerkhamstedVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSMarlow (BC)
Aussie PairsVS
Chess ValeVSMill End (Vets)
Chess ValeVSChesham (Bucks Cup)
Chalfont St GilesVSChess Vale (TCL)
Chess ValeVSCroxley Red (Vets)
Wycombe RecruitsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSWendover (C & TL/Fr)
KitchenersVSChess Vale
LoudwaterVSChess Vale (C & TL)
Potten End BlueVSChess Vale (Vets)
Flackwell HeathVSChess Vale (TCL)
Chess ValeVSChesham S (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSBovingdon
Chess ValeVSAmersham (TCL)
Chess ValeVSHerts Blue (Vets)
Bassetsbury BulldogsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSBassetsbury (TCL)
Chess ValeVSLoudwater (C & TL)
Kings Langley RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSBucks Masonic
Chess ValeVSHigh Wycombe (TCL)
Chess ValeVSPotten End Red (Vets)
TringVSChess Vale
BovingdonVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSChalfont St Giles (TCL)
RickmansworthVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSAmersham (C & TL)
Denham ColtsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Gerrards CrossVSChess Vale (C & TL)
Bassetsbury ManorVSChess Vale (TCL)
Chess ValeVSChesham Blue (Vets)
AmershamVSChess Vale (C & TL)
Chess ValeVSWycombe R (Bucks League)
HazlemereVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSWexham (TCL)
Mill EndVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSHayes & District
Chesham StiffsVSChess Vale (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSHarefield (TCL)
Croxley RedVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSRedbourn
Chess ValeVSBassetsbury B (Bucks League)
Chess ValeVSGlory Mill
High WycombeVSChess Vale (TCL)
Chess ValeVSPotten End Blue (Vets)
WraysburyVSChess Vale
Chess ValeVSThame
AmershamVSChess Vale (TCL)
Abbots LangleyVSChess Vale (Vets)
Chess ValeVSOakley
Chess ValeVSDenham Colts (Bucks League)
CheshamVSChess Vale
Husband & WifeVS
Gala DayVS
Potten EndVSChess Vale
Aston ClintonVSChess Vale
Finals dayVS
Finals dayVS
Chess ValeVSPrinces Risborough
Chess ValeVSBucks VP
Chess ValeVSCheddington
Chess ValeVSKitcheners
Chess ValeVSLondon Welsh
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